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Protests and Achievements – The 4th Annual Awards Dinner Wrap-up

On July 14 at the 4th Annual Awards Dinner we had a chance to review the myriad of events that occurred over the 2009-2010 officer year.  This was a rough year for mechanical engineering in Las Vegas due to budgetary issues at UNLV and the loss of the Yucca Mountain Project.  While some UNLV colleges, such as the law college, where not up for consideration of significant cuts, the college of engineering was being considered for both small cuts and complete removal.  While engineers are not normally great protestors, pro-engineering T-Shirts were made and a symbolic protest march was held March 5th from the engineering building to the student union.  I walked beside fellow UNLV graduate David Swallow and chanted “Save our Future, Save Engineering.”  For those of you who may not have attended the dinner, I can tell you that I am not well suited for protest marches.  At the event, there was even a child being pulled in a wagon that had a sign reading “future engineer.”  Dean Eric Sandgren and his department worked hard to build the educational and fiscal case for why engineering is so important to southern Nevada.  In the end, the computer engineering Informatics program was the largest casualty, with most other engineering programs remaining intact.  Dean Sandgren was also a casualty of this budgetary clash and ended up stepping down from his position as Dean.

Marcus Jensen, Director, Southern Nevada Water Authority

During this time, our local section was wrestling with new bylaws in order to create a better structure and future for our society.  The original bylaws were long lost and we were feeling a bit disorganized by not having formal positions and duties.  The new bylaws went into effect March 1, 2010 and feature a Board of Directors who help advise the section as well as acting as a nominating committee for officer positions.  Check out the “executive com Continue reading

UNLV Engineering Advisory Board Creates 1st Annual Car Show

On October 17, the UNLV Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board is sponsoring what it hopes will be an exciting annual fundraising event to promote mechanical engineering at UNLV.   The event will be a Car Show with a goal this first year to attract 400 entries of cars and motorcycles.

Date: Sunday, October 17,
Time: 10AM to 3PM
Place: Thomas & Mack Parking Lot (on Tropicana at Swenson)

To find out more info and register check out the Car Show Flyer and Registration Form

Awards will include:

CARS – first, second and third place

  1. Engineering College Dean’s Choice
  2. Best Mechanical
  3. Best Green Car
  4. Best Custom
  5. Best Restoration
  6. Best Classic
  7. Best Stock Collector
  8. People’s Choice

MOTORCYCLES – first, second and third place

  1. Best Street Custom
  2. Best Stock
  3. Best Chopper
  4. Best Sport Bike
  5. People’s Choice

The show will be free for spectators to come and view the vehicles.  The board is also attempting to have on hand displays of student engineering projects, such as the Human Powered Vehicle.  If you are a car person, please help spread the word.  And if you enjoy cars with amazing shine and custom paint, please plan on stopping by the event.

Get Your Fireworks From the ASME Student Section

The UNLV Student Section of ASME is having a Fireworks Booth Fundraiser. The ASME Student Chapter is raising money to send a group to the ASME Design Competition. Come out and celebrate the independece of this great nation with a box of fireworks.

The booth is located on Peace Way and South Durango in the parking lot of the Green Valley Grocey. The booth will be open from 10 AM to 12 Midnight beginning Sunday, June 28. The booth will be open 24 hours a day starting Thursday, July 2.

Professional ASME members are welcomed to volunteer. Contact Bradford Colton if interested.

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