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Engineers telling it like it is to Student Engineers

For one of ASME’s E-Week Presentations, our chapter’s engineering students were given the opportunity to  speak with practicing professional engineers and students. A treat for our students, a Las Vegas pump engineering company  Nikkiso Cryo and UNLV Student Praveen Raj each gave presentations at the Northwest Career Technical Academy.

 Introduced by Community Partnership Coordinator  David Philippi, the Nikkiso team gave our students an inside look at special pumps that are required to move extremely cold liquid natural gas from ships to on-shore facilities. Nikkiso pumps are used world-wide and require thorough testing before sending them out to their customers.

 Sylvia Duran, a Test Engineer at the Nikkiso Cryo Company  holds the responsibility of testing all pumps before sending them to customers. Ms. Duran explained the procedure used for the testing of each pump that is done at the facility in the North East sector of the Las Vegas Valley, testing that can be dangerous due to the explosive nature of fuel. This type of exposure to our students help to explain technicalities that are often taken for granted in engineering and delivery. 

Concurrent with Ms. Duran’s discussion regarding pump testing,  Mr. David Parapilly introduced himself as the Safety Engineer on site at Nikkiso Cryo Company and revealed an interesting testing platform or test jig for the company’s pumps. As the official site Safety Engineer he supervises the operations and functions of Nikkiso Cryo Company in the interest of safety. “Safety First and Always”  is his memorable quote instilling in students the seriousness of job safety when dealing with the challenges of engineering, schedules, production and product testing. A fitting position for a very serious man.

Upon completion of Nikkiso Cryo’s presentation UNLV’s own, Praveen Raj (ME Superstar), took a moment to speak with UNLV students regarding his involvement, courses and contribution to competitions during his academic career. Praveen spoke of his specific involvment in Society of Automotive Engineer’s (SAE) projects such as  Offroad-Baja and the Aero West competition in which students are judged on both their engineering and vehicle performance.These projects help to develop applicable skills for students connecting them from the theoretical to the applied, where the rubber meets the road.  For the 2012 year, UNLV placed both in the SAE Aero West competition and won the Chairman’s award for the West Coast Baja competition.

It is important to note that companies such as Lockheed Martin and Toyota have been known to accept resumes from enthusiastic engineering students at these competitions for future work opportunities!

Popular ASME competitions also available to UNLV students are Human Powered Vehicle and First Robotics to name a few. Additional information for students to get involved or request from their professors can be found at ASME Competitions . (Please click)

Below you will soon find slides from each of the presentations explaining the importance of engineers in society from general functions such as power production and delivery to the absolutely fantastic as  Tony Stark does changing the way we view energy in Iron Man .

As we conclude  with E-Week, our section would like to give sincere appreciation to Nikkiso Cryo Company and our local UNLV Mechanical Engineering Student (Praveen Raj) for taking the time from their hectic schedules to provide this great information to our future engineers and architects. 

Thanks to our Engineering Professionals, Professors and Students!

Corporal Willy and Keith


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