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New Faces of Engineering programs: Professional and College Editions

Nominations for two New Faces programs are due to the Foundation by Friday, November 18, 2011.

An overview of the nomination procedures for each program is provided below. A timeline is also attached.

New Faces – Professional
The nomination form is posted here for web visitors wishing to self-nominate, for companies wishing to nominate employees, etc.  Any nominations or questions received through the website will be forwarded to you.

Please note the nomination form posted on will have an October 21 deadline. This will allow time for the societies to consider the nominations before the November 18 transmittal-to-eweek deadline.  Please let us know if your schedule requires an earlier cut-off date for  posting online.

New Faces – College Edition
The student application will be available on Facebook on Tuesday, September 6. This summer, please share this upcoming program with your student members in any appropriate communications (Facebook pages and groups, e-newsletters, website). We will provide a direct link to the application later this summer and will send you reminders to do a big promotion push as soon as the online application is live on September 6.

The deadline for student applications is October 21. We will send you a spreadsheet including all of the applications for your organization by October 26.

Thank you very much for your support of both programs. Feel free to contact the below personal if you have any questions. And please let them know if you have designated someone else to handle the nominations for either program.

Anne Squire (Professional)
Director of Operations
703-684-2864 /

Ellen Robinson (College Edition)
Online Community Manager
781-801-8828 /

About Jagadeep

Jagadeep is currently the Webmaster for the ASME Silver State Section, and Postdoctoral Scholar and Instructor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has authored more than 30 refereed technical papers.


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