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Celebrating and Honoring ME History On the Shoulders of Giants

ASME’s History and Heritage Committee has launched a semiannual newsletter entitled, “On the Shoulders of Giants.” The goal of the newsletter is to share resources and ideas that will provide a roadmap to creating an effective history and heritage program.

The first edition includes articles on:

  • The designation ceremony to recognize the development of the Multi-Zone Automatic Temperature Control System by Johnson Controls, ASME’s 244th landmark:
  • ASME’s Engineer-Historian Award
  • A list of targeted areas for future ASME landmark nominations
  • An article entitled ‘Great ME’s of the Past’ that featured Edwin Reynolds, ASME’s 21st president (1902-03) who held more than 40 patents, including one for the first cross-compound hoisting engine for mining work

ASME’s history and heritage program was established in 1971 to encourage public understanding of mechanical engineering, foster the preservation of ME heritage and help engineers become more involved in all aspects of history.

Click here for newsletter and for more information please go here.

About Jagadeep

Jagadeep is currently the Webmaster for the ASME Silver State Section, and Postdoctoral Scholar and Instructor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has authored more than 30 refereed technical papers.


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