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Nevada Test Site Tour


When: 7:30AM on Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Where: Meet at the Atomic Test Museum (755 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119)
Cost: $8.50 or $14/person (this is the cost for a box lunch, and you may pick either option)
RSVP: There is a hard RSVP deadline of Friday, Oct 29th due to forms that need to be sumbitted.
Requirements: You must be a US citizen.  If not, we may be able to get you on the tour, but you will need to call Bradford at 699-4131 before the end of September.
Restrictions: Generally no electronics will be allowed – this includes cell phones, cameras, GPS, laptops, and ipods.  Also, no binoculars are allowed.

Many of you may need to coordinate a day off for this event, but this tour can only be completed during the work week.  Our group will be picked up at 7:30AM from the Atomic Test Museum and bused out to the test site where we will recieve a driving tour of the site as well as stop off for a tour of a sub-critical test site and a low-level nuclear waste storage site.  The only cost of the tour is for the lunch and can be paid on the day of the tour by cash or check.  You are welcome to invite family or friends.  The minimum age for the tour is 14 years old.

The standard lunch is $8.50 and you may pick a ham, turkey or roast beef sandwich.  Also included is a drink, chips, fruit and a cookie.  For the executive lunch, the cost is $14 and you may pick a chicken breast or prime rib sandwich.  You will also get a drink, veggies and a slice of pie.

We will need to provide the following information for each US Citizen:

Full name, including middle initial

Date of birth

Place of birth

Home address
Standard or Executive lunch and what type of sandwich

For Members RSVP using the Evite Invitation sent to you. For non-members send an email to Bradford at with the requested information.

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Justin is the Newsletter Editor for the ASME Silver State Section.


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