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Benefit Spotlight: Social Media @ ASME

Member Savvy

“I’m especially proud to be an ASME member as it shows that I am actively keeping pace with developments in the field. It also shows commitment to the profession and is another defining signature of being an ME. Finally, the access it grants to source texts, materials and informative writings enables me to more effectively project my expertise than I would be able to had I not been a member.…”

Judah Richardson ~ ASME Member since 2002

Dear Members, 

In last month’s Member Savvy, I touched on the value of “social” sites like Facebook and Twitter. This got me thinking about the explosion of networking sites on the internet and their impact around the world. In addition to sharing my view on this communication trend as it relates to ME’s, I’d like to issue you a challenge.

Every mechanical engineer should explore and embrace social networking tools. The reason is simple. You can enhance your reputation, advertise your personal brand and build professional relationships unlike ever before. There’s no easier and more efficient way today of keeping “the professional” you, and your needs and aspirations in front of other people.

So, today I’m issuing a challenge to the thousands of Member Savvy readers and proud ASME Members. Become a fan of the ASME Facebook page, join the ASME LinkedIn group, and follow ASME membership on Twitter. Let’s work together to increase the number of socially connected ASME members on our pages. Today we have more than 2,700 Facebook fans – I know we can double that number easily! We have over 10,000 LinkedIn members – let’s increase that by 20%! And the Membership Twitter page – It’s brand new and we only have a few followers, so we can make a real impact. I will join you and participate on a regular basis. 

However, more important than just increasing the number of people is for you to become an active and engaged participant. Start by asking your fellow ASME Members a technical question. Or offer a potential solution to an engineer having a problem. Take a minute to participate in a discussion. Invite your friends, colleagues and other mechanical engineers to join these ASME groups. That’s the “magical connection” that I’m talking about! Before you know it, you’ll have increased your professional network dramatically. Not just in your home office, but around the world! So, don’t just join and lurk on the sidelines…please get involved. It’s like karma — the more you give, the more you get back!

Warmest regards,
Michael Kreisberg
Director, ASME Membership Development

About Justin

Justin is the Newsletter Editor for the ASME Silver State Section.


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