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President Holt, on the Value of Energy Technologies

President Amos HoltAmidst the work on ASME’s strategic priorities — energy, workforce development, and global impact — and our goal, as a profession and as an organization, to make a positive impact on the lives of people living throughout the world, come natural disasters like earthquakes in areas including Haiti and Peru, and events as devastating as the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

These catastrophes reinforce our Society’s commitment to help facilitate the work toward technology solutions for all kinds of global problems.

Let’s consider Deepwater Horizon where lives were lost, the environment was jeopardized and the economy impacted. Within the context of this disaster we clearly see the role of engineers (including members of ASME) both in assessing the damage, helping resolve the problem, and developing better technologies to prevent future mishaps or at least minimize their effect. There is no doubt that some members are involved in these activities already.

The engineering community must step up during these times and recognize the role of technology within this context. Deepwater Horizon represents one example of why ASME is involved in the Energy Grand Challenge and the other ambitious strategic initiatives. 

Tackling major challenges requires unprecedented collaboration, communication, risk management expertise and the workable solutions based on sound scientific research and engineering principles. Consider that to locate and claim a fuel resource that is greatly relied upon by a consumer-rich society, engineering has enabled access to these resources at unprecedented depths, temperatures and pressures, using advanced technologies and complex systems. This recent incident underscores the importance of transparency and responsiveness inherent in corporate responsibilities, as well as that of standards and compliance.

Read the entire article: The Value of Energy Technologies, in the May 18, 2010 edition of ASME News Online, now available at

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One thought on “President Holt, on the Value of Energy Technologies

  1. What I know at 67 years of age seemed to be somewhat less than what I thought I knew when I was 21. I have more questions now than answers. The Gulf Oil Spill is truly a traggic devastating event. I won’t condone it as an accident, because to do so would render it to something beyond the control of human planning and engineering. Deep Sea Oil Drilling is a mistake if we don’t have things in place to stop these run a way conditions we have now. Much more engineering should be in place before this type of drilling is allowed ever again. “As the oceans go, so do we.”

    A question that is alway on my mind is that when we draw the sweet crude nectar from Mother Earth, what is replacing it? In a nutshell; are we creating conditions to expedite the next earthquake? Continental plates fired up because of less resistance to their slippage? By taking away is there something that is replacing what we take out? It took many, many years to make that oil under tremendous pressures and heat and it was relatively undistrubed until mankind found the “Black Gold” and I am worried that by taking while not replacing it with something is going to cause some kind of an affect sooner or later. Does any of this make any sense? I know it is super hard to compress most liquids under most conditions but once oil is removed or even lessened in the resource cavity, what will happen next? Concerned a whole bunch????

    Posted by Richard Williams | July 12, 2010, 5:30 PM

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