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Get Your Fireworks From the ASME Student Section

The  ASME Student Section at UNLV is having a Fireworks Booth Fundraiser again this year.  They are currently taking donations towards the fundraiser.  For any amount donated early they will give you a coupon worth that value in fireworks that can be redeemed at our booth once it opens.

This is their biggest fund raiser for the year and it pays for most of the ASME student sections activities and new membership drives.  Their goal is to raise $4000, which would double the proceeds earned last year.  Thank you for your support and please stop by to support these awesome students!


  • NE corner of Hualapai Way and Spring Mountain Rd. in the Speedee Mart parking lot.


  • 11 AM to 10PM; June 28 – July 4

For pre-sale donations (and your coupon towards fireworks) please contact:

Daniel Sigler
UNLV ASME Student Section Chair

Or for general membership or section questions:

About Justin

Justin is the Newsletter Editor for the ASME Silver State Section.


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