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UNLV Homecoming is Coming!

We are in full gear-students are back beginning today and we had an outstanding orientation last Friday!

1) Get Ready for an Engineering Homecoming

Visit the University Homecoming Website for information on the reception, dinner, golf, tailgate. We are mailing invitations to all Alumni and Community friends.

2) We have some promotional items for you & more on the way!

3) The Discovery channel was here 8/23 filming a feature for their “Daily Planet Show”. We featured our newest program Entertainment Engineering & Design-automation controls like the Bellagio Fountains, Virtual Animation like the Virtual Sands project we have, and the structural project featuring a 1/20th scale of the KA stage. We will let you know when it will air.

4) Don’t let your Alumni membership lapse-check out the new benefits, especially the license plate and credit card. And a portion of your dues benefit the college.

5) Watch the college website for news items like community forums.

6) Please consider completing an alumni profile for us to post.

7) Watch for news about our community project in North Las Vegas. A college wide-alumni invited to help paint, put up gutters, etc.

RSVP for the event by emailing Please let her know the names and the number of guests that will be attending the event.

Engineer a Difference. Pride in the Profession.

About Justin

Justin is the Newsletter Editor for the ASME Silver State Section.


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